Our Policies, Terms, and Conditions

Thank you for choosing Blue Book to take you on an exciting adventure!
We are grateful for your trust, and we will promise to do everything in our power to make your trip comfortable, exciting, and fun!
In order to help us do this, we ask that you please keep the following points in mind. Please read the following sections carefully, and sign at the end acknowledging your agreement to the terms.
For overseas trips (outside Kuwait), the initial 50% deposit will secure your position in the trip, and is not refundable in all cases when the cancellation is initiated by the client.
The remaining amount must be paid 30 days prior to arrival.
Funds paid are not refundable and represent a commitment on behalf of the traveller to Blue Book to proceed with subsequent activity and accommodation bookings.
If, due to unforeseen circumstances beyond our control (war, forces of nature, border closures, etc) we are forced to cancel the trip (i.e. the trip does not take place at all) , all sums paid will be used as credit to be used for any future Blue Book Trip – (however, this must be done within one year of the original travel date.) Alternatively, travellers may opt for a full refund, which will be processed as swiftly as possible.
All trips that have been advertised are expected proceed as scheduled – even in the case that no participants have signed up, or are unable to join. As such, the trip is not considered “cancelled” so long as at least one Lead Traveller from Blue Book proceeds – and the policies mentioned above will be enforced.
Blue Book cannot guarantee the total number of travellers who will join, nor can Blue Book guarantee that there will be a certain number of males or females. Participants who register must be prepared to commit to the trip regardless of the group’s final composition.
Travellers who wish to sign up for a trip after a trip is fully booked must pay a 30% deposit. If adjustments can be made to accommodate them, this deposit becomes nonrefundable, and the balance payment is to be made according to the terms above (or in full within 24 hours if less than 30 days remain until the start of the trip).
If it is not possible to accommodate them, the deposit is refunded automatically.
Blue Book does not accept any individual under the age of 18, and considers everyone joining as a legally mature adult of sound mind, independent, and responsible adult accountable for his or her decisions and actions.
Therefore, it is important to note the following: It is the sole responsibility of the traveller to –
• obtain the correct visa(s) for the correct travel period.
• book flights suitable for the trip.
• Border entry refusals, or denied boarding
by the airline for incorrect visas, documentation, wrong flights booked, insufficient trave, insurance, importation of illegal materials or substances, or any other reason that prevent the traveller from joining the trip does not entitle the traveller to any refund (partial or total), and it his/her decision if they wish to continue with the trip by arriving at a later date (and bear any additional resulting costs).
• The traveller must inform Blue Book if any of the above circumstances occur to them, and communicate their decision. If he/she wishes to proceed with the trip with a delayed arrival, every effort will be made to accommodate them if it is possible.
• obtain travel insurance.
• obtain health insurance (including COVID coverage).
• obtain any necessary vaccinations
(COVID-19 vaccination is compulsory to join Blue Book trips and we will advise you when others will be required or recommended by the country we will be visiting.)
• arrive on time and stay with the group during activity hours – any personal decision to not participate in any of the day’s activities for any reason at all does not entitle the traveller to a refund for said activities.
• pack appropriate clothing and bring any necessary accessories when required (we will advise you of what is needed prior to this trip) but it is the traveller’s responsibility to bring what is appropriate according to their personal needs and requirements. • be respectful of fellow travellers, personal guide, driver, service providers, and all other persons they come in contact with, and always local customs, norms, political, cultural, and religious sensitivities. • not break any local laws
• pay all extra costs incurred (extra nights, shopping expenses, medical, legal, dining expenses, laundry, etc.)
• be safe, take all necessary precautions, and stay away from any dangerous areas during his/her free time.
• inform Blue Book prior to travel of any dietary restrictions, health problems in writing by email. • bring along any necessary medication required during the trip.
• follow the directions and advice of Blue Book lead travellers and of the guide(s)
• inform Blue Book of the flights booked, and to update our team in real-time in case of any flight changes/disruptions/delays.
It is also important to note the following –
• Travellers will not be allowed to join on any overseas trip if the full cost of the trip is not
paid at least 30 days prior to the start of the trip. Failure to do so will result in the cancellation of travel arrangements arranged by Blue Book for the traveller, and the funds will not be refunded.
• Travellers must pay the total sum in full when signing up for any local trips (inside Kuwait).
• The plan shared with the group during the initial meeting and/ or email will be followed as closely as possible during the trip. Minor Deviations may occur due to circumstances beyond our control, such as extra heavy traffic, rain, unexpected closures, etc.
• The team will always endeavour to find a suitable alternative experience.
Travellers may not to engage in any illegal activities (as determined by local laws), and any who are found to have consumed any drugs, or are determined to be under the influence of drugs or alcohol while on a Blue Book trip (including during free time) will be immediately be removed from the group without, and all bookings for accommodation and activities will be immediately cancelled, and the traveller will have to make alternative arrangements at their own expense. None of the unused funds for the trip will be refunded, and traveller will be blacklisted from any future Blue Book trip.
Blue Book does not take any responsibility for any legal or medical fees incurred by the traveller while on a trip, inside Kuwait or overseas.
Blue Book does not accept any individual under the age of 18, and considers everyone joining as a mature, independent, and responsible adult accountable for his/her own personal safety and security, and that of his/her personal possessions (this also includes cash, credit cards, passports, and ID cards).
All activities mentioned in the itinerary are participated by his/her own free will and will do so only by following the advice and instructions of the guide to maintain the individual’s and group’s safety.
The traveller must also disclose to the Lead Traveller prior to the start of the trip of any pre-existing medical conditions that should be taken into consideration and may interfere with the trip in any way.
The Lead traveller will do his best during activity hours (from the start of the end of all scheduled activities) to look out for each traveller’s safety, but the ultimate responsibility lays with the traveller him/herself.
Blue Book also provides free time as part of our schedules. These times will be communicated to the travellers, and are intended to give them a chance to relax, shop, and explores places of interest that are not part of the itinerary. As such, travellers are free visit and pursue any activity or locale they please, but must continue to follow the safety guidance provided by the Lead Traveller and the local guide, and must inform the Lead Traveller of their plans and to stay in touch should those plans change.
As such, Blue Book accepts no responsibility with regards to property loss, damage, bodily injury, or death.
As always, our Lead Travellers are always available to answer all of your questions, and will do everything possible to make your trip safe, comfortable, enjoyable, and memorable!